Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C.

Will they go out tomorrow?


I promise you I'll help her.


In the twinkling of an eyelid, the Cat leaped on the blackbird, and ate him, feathers and all.


Gil never looked back.


We have come to the conclusion that this plan is not feasible currently.

When his wife died, he received dozens of condolence cards.

These ties are different.

Dominick probably won't want to talk with you.

Can you give Nicolas a ride home?


He told me about the accident.

I was half asleep.

Monica is an authority in his field.

Traffic was at a standstill.

Where do you want to sleep tonight?

I forgot just how clever you can be.

We probably won't have to go to Boston next week.

My hands really hurt.

Did he really tell you that?

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I'll get my son to make the plan.

I have a large family.

I just think this is unforgiveable.


Much as we resemble one another, none of us are exactly alike.

Rules are made to be broken.

I'm going to go out for a while.

Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation.

I must ask Nick his new address and telephone number when I see him.

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Let go of me!

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I'm doing OK.


The moment she saw me, she began laughing.

He wanted the taxi driver to turn left.

Chinese food is no less nice than French food is.

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You need to keep Sherri from fighting.


I can't translate this article into Arabic.


I'm going to be all right.

If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it.

It looks like you've lost ten pounds.


I can't read handwritten script, so could you please write it in printed script?


She has Cupid lips.

A miracle among others

Yumi has a lot of money now.

Joshua couldn't ask for more.

Are you saying that I'm a liar?

Jerrie finally got what he wanted.

Well do I remember the man's name.

Some people behave as if the sentences they create are the most precious things they have.

Parliament has its beginnings in 14th-century England.

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I sometimes visit my friends' homes.

It's cheaper to order things by the dozen.

We have to figure out when the best time to buy that stock is.

Amsterdam is famous for its canals.

We can know in advance what excuse he will make.

Jim studies as hard as his brother does.

It is said that he studied law when he was young.


My study absorbed me in those days.


Rogue missed his son.

Will you put this in the car for me?

Heil Hitler!


That island has a tropical climate.

Do you want to go somewhere?

Officers will henceforth wear ties at dinner.

I know that, Vassos.

They sent up a balloon.

We all went in search of gold.

Didn't you find any evidence?

Far be it from me to criticize, but your dress is rather loud.

She bore him four children.

Kenneth won three races in a row.

Choose a particular event you remember well.

The person I am angry with is my brother.

Why should we do what Hubert says we should do?

Did you have a good birthday?

Some students devote themselves to sports and neglect their studies.

Joanne thought that Bruce liked him.

I think I need a little air.


Start from here.

When will you return?

Trying pleaded with Kirsten not to leave.

Every day, my brother borrows a new book from the library.

He wrapped his arms around her.

Spiders spin webs.

Is it true that you learnt Esperanto in a week?

He could hardly comprehend what she was implying.

Any car at all will be suitable, as long as it works.

The ship rocked back and forth to the rhythm of the sea.

You're very strong, aren't you?

To kill two birds with one stone.

Barton is very stubborn.

The cochlea implant is a technically ingenious device.

Everyone I know uses Google.


That's nothing. It happens to everyone.

"It was worth the two-hour wait, huh." "Yeah! I'll cherish this autograph for the rest of my life."

We solved the problem by mutual concessions.


It was some time before I cottoned on to what she meant.


The same thing must've happened to Doyle.


Heinrich treated Gregge like a child.


The Taiwanese dollar appreciated, causing Taiwanese exports to slump.

Follow behind me.

I'll get along somehow.

That's pretty optimistic.

Jerrie looked appalled.

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Harry couldn't keep up with the class.


Applicants were requested to submit their resumes.


The seaside resort was so touristy that it actually stood up and walked to Vegas.

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Roberta is your cousin, isn't he?

Look, it's my problem.

He was at work till late at night.


What language do you use when you talk with your parents?

I won't be back any time soon.

I cannot speak Chinese. I can just read it.

They handcuffed him.

The judge found Scopes guilty of breaking the law.


There's nothing that would please me more.


I don't like to cook when it's hot outside.


Are you ten?

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What's the fastest way to get the airport from here?


His opinion is free from prejudice.

You can't be a woman.

I doubt seriously that it was Hirofumi who broke the window.

Thad is in charge now.

This wasn't expensive.

There are people who seldom speak unless they're spoken to.

Pratt must be stopped at once.


The express train is moving down the track.

In praise of God , may He be exalted.

Pradeep grew roses.

I didn't believe him at all.

I know all of you have doubts about me.

I have no choice in this.

Can you stay with Kristian?

I can't make an exception.

The heavy snowfall prevented our train from leaving on time.

That's right. It's written in an unassuming fashion, and it's an ethical standpoint as well.

These desks will be put up for sale this week.

We'll have little snow this winter.

Hitoshi is taking a bath now.


I can't imagine what you're going through.


I prefer not to discuss it here.

Everyone's laughing.

Is it a chair?

By and large, she is a very reliable person.

He is bound to her.


Dawson is a nut.


We may not have enough uniforms.

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I advised him to take a rest.


I was planning to call him, but changed my mind and didn't.

Hello, my name is Pekka. What is your name?

Stephanie and Amigo aren't happy.


Mussels have shells.


Tommy must've reported what happened.


I'll give you as much money as you need.

He lives in that house over there.

We can't do it.

This isn't all that complicated.

The dust rose in clouds.