You shouldn't read in such poor light.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning.


Also cracks may form in buildings that aren't Earthquake proof.

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I didn't shower.


I'll tell you something that I'm sure no one else will tell you.


I need to see Elvis immediately.

Carlo got sidetracked.

Who do you think I am?

This is the most fun I've had in my life.

We got on the bus at Shinjuku.


She almost fainted.

He's not beaten by the rain, he's not beaten by the wind, neither the snow nor the heat of the summer will beat him, his body is robust, without greed, he never angers, but is always serenely smiling.

Anybody can use it.


That was a silly mistake.

What's the emergency code?

The fans sought to shake the actress's hand.

He admitted having done wrong.

Let's take it down a notch.

Just then, I heard the telephone ring.

Do you already have a plan?

I'll try to find her.

We haven't tried the drug out on humans yet.

Will you be home for Christmas?

Children do a lot of stupid things.

"I'm going shopping. Do you want to come?" "Sure!"

I'm having an anxiety attack and I don't know why.

You might like this.

Will this work?

"Why didn't you tell us?" "No one asked."

Dimetry didn't keep me waiting long.

The happiness and sorrow of others is happiness and sorrow of our own.

Two fried eggs and coffee, please.

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This computer saves us a lot of work.

Francois didn't have any.

We rested there for an hour.

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I forgot to tell him something.


You can't unring a bell.

This jar can hold two liters of hot water.

He's likely to be late so you'd better tell him again that the meeting time is seven to make double sure.

Have you ever come to our meetings?

Its conclusion is crystal clear.

I'll be glad to help him.

She picked up her toys.


Emily ate an orange.


Ronni is very talkative.

I'm good at soccer.

I'm just so proud of you.

Better than nothing.

If it had not been for your foolishness, we would never have been in that trouble.

We saw something.

Mother was in a bad mood since she could not play golf because of bad weather.

Margot flipped the switch.

Bring him a drink.

In the eyes of the Creator, all are equal.

I think you're the one who needs help.

I knew that my leg was broken.

I can read Spanish with ease.


Kyoto and Boston are sister cities.

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We canoed downstream.


There's nothing to be concerned about.

Kieran shifted the car into drive.

Call me right back.


You must come to the party by all means.

I've met Presley.

It's a novel-based movie.

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No one can step twice into the same river.


What are you going to do afterwards?

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Bill stopped the smoking.


Actually, they want to pay us.


I intended to hand the paper to him, but I forgot to.

Nobody will believe that rumor.

I got these earrings from my grandmother.


I'm not allowed to tell you what you want to know.

He cannot speak French without making a few mistakes.

You know I didn't do it.

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The air was blocked off, extinguishing the fire.


She buys what she wants regardless of the cost.

She looks just like an angel.

Where is the nearest bakery?


I can't do this without you.

I can't believe this is what Eva really wants us to do.

I'll send my man to you with the letter.

She went shopping with her mother.

Is it true that you borrowed a million dollars from the bank?

It would be nice if you helped me a little.

I tie my shoes on my own.


Steel is a widely-used material in civil construction.

The just didn't like it.

I must find some new friends.

Celeste could've figured that out.

Denis introduced himself to the rest of the class.


I am reluctant to tell her the truth.


It's not a perfect system.


We ate swordfish.

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I wouldn't miss it for the world.

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I'm only a man.


How could we not have seen that?


He makes no half-hearted attempts.

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What would you like for lunch?

The price in January advanced 20% year to year.

Don't leave the fire unattended.

I don't ever want you to do that again.

I never laid a hand on Cindie.

The date and address is usually written at the head of letters.

It always snows in the Alps.

Manny didn't do anything to help me.

What's your job?

I don't know where to go.

I couldn't get out of doing this.

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His younger brother went to Shanghai the day before yesterday.

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Those three years went by like three days, like in a dream!

Samuel stared at the blank computer screen.

Does he really want that?

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Please drive safely.


Clare leaned over and opened the passenger-side door.

Is it safe?

They felt their way in the dark.

Miki used to be as rich as Takao is now.

He who laughs last laughs best.


All people breathe air.

On which chair did you put the book?

The guests caught him in his pajamas.


Who's your favorite heavy metal guitarist?

I know one thing we could do that might be fun.

Hillary is allergic to milk.


You have to give them more time.

Aren't you too young to smoke?

I now represent Donne.

Many accidents resulted from the icy road conditions.

I'll bet that hurts.

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I had hardly any money at that time.


Ben said that he wasn't to blame.

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Are they serious?


He saved me from danger.

I want to water ski.

Unfortunately, my neighbor was involved in a traffic accident, and is currently in a coma.


"How are we gonna find the princess with the power going out?" "Maybe there's a switch in one of the rooms. Remind me to check!"

Don't get rough with Barton.

There's a rowboat right over there.


Get your hair cut.


I've seen a lot.

One should do one's best to be happy.

We can't tell him.

There's one more thing I need you to do.

He is always prepared.

Do you prefer beer, vodka, wine, or soda?

What's the big news?

Lester and Clarissa don't like the same kind of TV shows.

I spend half my time going out with her.


I enjoyed myself as a tourist but felt that I had to get down to business.

Listen, he doesn't know what he says.

Jacob didn't realize Liz was serious.