We have to get results.

The shopping festival that everyone had been waiting for starts today. Because of this, the security force has thoroughly checked their plan to protect the safety of those attending for any flaws.

Come closer in order that you may see the screen better.

We're losing.

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He pleaded for me when I made a blunder.

He resembles his mother.

I can tell you what Pandora thinks.

He leaned over her and kissed her.

These problems must be dealt with carefully.

Can you keep a secret?

Corporate results deteriorated because of recession.

I could never do that sort of thing.

Roxanne is Japanese.


Barrio got sick because he ate too much.


I copied one.


There is no easy cure-all for old economic ills.

He forced me to go there.

Tatoeba was down yesterday.


When I use contacts, my eyes feel dry and become red.

What do you want to ask me?

I live here.

Fried eggs, sunny-side up, easy please.

Don't blame the victim.

We could go together.

Browsers are not all secure.

For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

One gladiator's weapon of choice is the mace, while the other's is a sword.


When do you need it?


I want you to call Jef.


We have more important things to do right now.


Raj looks totally wiped out.

This boy is his son.

My first day in the university was rather boring.

The repairman is working in the corridor.

Terrance and Jagath are in the next room with John.


He leaned over to put on his shoes.

We must've been followed.

Rayan makes more money than Rainer.


I've known her forever.


She was mad about the prank, but I got her good.

One of the disadvantages of living alone is that you have no one to talk to.

We set out when the rain had eased.

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Theo admitted that she had dabbled in the magical arts.

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I'm releasing Shaw into your custody.

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These days no one's got enough because everyone's got too much.

Randell died in battle.

I'm sure we can find something in the kitchen to eat.

Our teacher seldom laughs.

We're still investigating the cause.

I'm calling Andre.

Tell me what's happening at school.


The article on Buddhism revived my passion for Oriental religions.


Women in that country are fighting for their freedom.

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They filled them with straw to make them round and hard.

She was watching TV when I came home.

I don't understand why Germany won the Eurovision.


I'm afraid it will rain.

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I eat with my sister at noon.

That wouldn't surprise me.

Music constitutes a part of me.

My mother cooks skillfully.

I'll deal out three to each.


In order to have an idea of our current projects, we invite you to visit [url].

If she should come late, give her this message.

Please fetch me a piece of paper.

This is the end of the world as we know it.

Get a job!


The Cold War ended when the Soviet Union collapsed.


It was a long wait.


"Can" is the right word to express ability and "May" to ask for permission.


There remain great fears of seeing the clashes degenerate into massacres.


It's forbidden to smoke at school.


Let's have a party for Sally.


She is capable of anything.


I have got one brother and two sisters.


This was so stupid.


Piete is considered very reliable.


I'm totally and completely in love with you.

I've never had a friend like you before.

Are you going to hurt him?


I have a memory like a goldfish.

Ian is capable of doing such a thing.

The boy bought a book.


Rice will find a ready market there.

In addition, there were two other deficiencies in that system.

I heard about the accident for the first time yesterday.

The prisoner of war bore himself with great dignity.

It's difficult to find another job.

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A capacitor allows current to flow through empty space.


I found a note on my door from Norma.

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I'll speak to her alone.

Maybe we should get Toby to proofread this?

A cat was tearing at the door, and there was a sound of gnawing rats beneath the hearth-stone.


I'd like to believe otherwise.

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Irfan's desk was so untidy that the cleaner refused to clean the room.

There is not enough meat.

Install properly the fans and radiator in your computer case.

There were more than fifty girls at the party.

Louis was relieved to see Lorraine.

I was in the basement when the doorbell rang, so I didn't hear it.

Loyd has no chance, right?

It's unbearably hot.

You're in pain, aren't you?

I guess I can't blame you.

Laziness and success do not go together.

I'm not blaming you, Lewis.

I'm sure Roxie will wish he hadn't said that.

You need to rest now.

They like to remember old times.

Before we begin, I'd just like to point out to everyone that we have to be very careful not to break anything.

We have all the evidence against you we need.

I don't think I've ever been this happy in my entire life!

It was a busy afternoon.

I'm the only one who knows what needs to be done.

How do I stop her?

I hope to stop smoking.

Green stands for hope.

Look, I'm really sorry, OK?

The police accused him of theft.

When you hold my hand I understand the magic that you do.

Betsy is mad at you for lying to him.

Whatever you do, carry it through.

Erick is willing to do almost anything for Pontus.


Let me introduce a promising young writer to you.

The wedding took place in the Ritz Hotel.

They all searched for the missing child.

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They say that Piete came to Brazil.

Stephanie and Adlai went fishing.

How does the author get that effect?

It's a shame it had to happen here.

Can I get you some water?

Investigators are running a probe into what caused the crash.

I was asked to buy some cakes on the way home from the office.

They were all weak.

Glenn is going to like it.


She seldom, if ever, goes out after dark.

Hank expresses himself very well.

What's the next station?

Father has lost his job, and what's worse, Mother has fallen ill.

In that uninviting place I found too many difficult people.

Irving pretended he didn't see Dani.

Dennis laughs at Wilson's round face.

I'm really not good at that kind of thing.

To point out the flaws of others while forgetting one's own is ignorance itself.

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What'll you be doing?

You can go to the theatre, the cinema, or the swimming pool.

Melinda denied the report.


Break it up!

Gregg didn't sound surprised.

Heinrich doesn't know what's been happening here.

I have to tell Sangho something.

Tatoeba, why are you so addictive?

Marcel says he doesn't know when Kari was born.

Myron never seems interested in talking about sports.

We're grateful for your help.

Could you tell what it was?