Ronni told Ozan to buy some coffee and cigarettes.

The human mind is magnificent.

I've given up trying to please everyone.

Sandra is only pretending to be busy.


Think of your brother.

This young man has a bright future.

She must have forgotten all about the promise.

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He took off his cap in front of the entrance.


You want to do that work.

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Stop pushing.

I don't want you to feel alone.

Next time it will be my turn to drive.


A house is built on top of a solid foundation of cement.


He'll be here right away.

He stamped out the fire.

I think this is the best part.


Paul was the only one there for me when I really needed someone.

They asked the young worker to resign.

I knew he would accept.

Loyd currently resides in Boston.

Will you go over my plan?

C is formed by reacting A with B.

His room is twice as large as mine.

Laurie wants to be one of the cool kids.

Never, ever tell that to others.

I've got to get them presents.

That all happened in the space of three seconds.


A rumor circulated through the city.

Mikael was stabbed to death last night.

Leigh likes Japanese food a lot.


Is there anything on the floor?


Sandeep goes to school by bus.

You should trim your fingernails.

I like to add basil to season my spaghetti sauce.

Tobias had every right to do what he did.

He placed the ladder against the fence.

Lar is going to pay you.

Omar said he isn't sure.


I'll do more than that.


They're always deep in debt.

I have some things for him.

I'm going to buy you something.

When I see you, my heart says me that I am a lover.

I think you'll find it interesting.

Esperanto is a useful language.

He went into rehab.

I couldn't be happier for you.

Nanda and Ssi just got married last year.

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I might have eaten a bit too much. My stomach's completely full.

Pete looks utterly confused.

You don't need to study today.

A vodka and lemonade might be the shot.

Let's ditch her.

He became more mature with the passing of the years.

Sumitro took a swig out of his water bottle.

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Let's never lie to each other.

The two quarrelled and fought all day long.

Vladimir isn't going to be happy to see me.

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What do you want instead?


I think there's no point in trying to convince him.

I'd ask Brodie.

I can't compete with that.


Shut up, will you?

Somebody ought to talk to her.

No, don't go yet.

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"This brand is very mild," Dad said.

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They all cheated.

I'm glad you're happy.

Beautiful women die young - or so the saying goes. If so then my wife is going to live a long life.


As of 2012, Maggi Seasoning is 125 years old.


I want to see what there is inside.

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We invited him to the party, but he did not show up.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

My son will come from school in an hour.


He sailed the Seven Seas.

How much is this book?

Konrad didn't come after all.


I felt like I was intruding.

Why haven't you told them to leave?

Why do I always get lost?

I've never ran before.

You can go wherever you want to go.

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Ilya ought to have known better than to say that.

She calls me all the time.

I like working with him.

I'll show that to Jagath.

I'm not hurt.


The piano is expensive.


Never think you know it all.

Japan was the world's largest donor of ODA in 1991.

It has been raining on and off since noon.

He read the book through.

Has everyone been told?

Get him some food.

Lock your door.


Elliot actually didn't know the answer.

When she was young, she participated in the student movement of anti-authoritarianism.

Duplicate sentences are occasionally created on Tatoeba. The deduplication bot, Horus, generally takes care of them.

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An ice hockey puck isn't ball-shaped.

How could you let them do this?

Who wants to talk to me?

He picked up a hat and put it on to see how it would look.

You are a good cook.


Do you know what my father used to say?

It's not very expensive.

His life was in danger.


Jong seems to need to go to the bathroom.

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He had the misfortune to lose all his money.

Sanford sat on the side of his bed and pulled on his socks.

Not only Gill has to study, but I have to study, too.


This car cost me a fortune.


Victor started flipping through the pages of the magazine Jerry had given him.

Oh, no! My passport is gone!

You're going to leave for London next Sunday, aren't you?

I got you these.

The stain disappeared after we washed the shirt.

My brother was threatened by someone waving a gun.

No one listens to me when I talk.


Don't confuse "efficacy" with "efficiency".

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She quickly found a new boyfriend.


Keep distance from trucks and other vehicles when driving.

Every power is weak unless it is united.

This week has been very busy for both of us.

We can't satisfy everyone.

Are you old enough to drink?

I forgot to do something.

Fear of failure prevents many people from reaching their full potential.


After sex, I fell asleep with my head on her belly.


What were you doing by the docks?

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You should stay in school.


I was relieved when I heard the message.

I find it difficult to express my meaning in words.

Are you sure of that?


Celeste didn't have anything to do with the scandal.

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But you cannot understand. How could you understand what it is to feel old?

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I was born and raised in Matsuyama.

I will be very careful.

people believe that the whale possesses an intelligence comparable to man's

He works from Monday to Friday.

Micheal is old-fashioned.

The crowd whistled and applauded at President Obama's speech.

I love shopping in this mall.

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I plead guilty.


His parents tried to drive home to him the importance of a good education.

Maybe Merat's car broke down.

My mother made a sweater for me.

How well can you skate?

Doge will never die.

I found my dog lying under the tree in our yard.

I miss this so much.

Rudolph always seems worried about what other people think about him.

She's my son's daughter. She's my granddaughter.

The statue was carved from a block of cherry wood.

He offered Phil a gift.