Complex biomedical problems require simple solutions.

We provide novel data analytics services that solve real-world problems in medical diagnostics. We deliver actionable insights that enable innovation, treatment and recovery.



Our platform carefully listens to market movements, actively monitoring the products, technologies, regulations, people and companies that impact medical diagnostics. We employ considerable analytics that deliver insight to clients that is effective and current. 


Significant hindsight supports our predictive models. This allows us to deliver informed insight based on any set of given facts. The measured use of mathematical methods, statistical analysis and SVM models power our ability to formulate highly relevant predictive outcomes.


Developing a new LDT, gene panel, liquid biopsy or biomarker that is relevant to the global healthcare market is a challenging process. We simplify new product validation by combining historical data with strong predictive algorithms that are in line with clinical and scientific standards.

Competitive Insight

Sizing up competitors in a rapidly moving market is never easy. From Principal Investigators, to leading companies and start-ups, our research gauges the size of market segments, and we effectively forecast new growth areas, based on M&A activity, patent filings, regulatory approvals, corporate information, grants, social media, blogs and news.

Product Insight

We cover the market and look at both new and exisiting products, forthcoming innovations and pipeline products. Particular focus includes:

  • Respective strengths, weaknesses and market share.
  • Forecasting market share and competitive positioning
  • Pricing and market access strategies
  • Clinical trials optimization, portfolio and indication strategies
  • Marketing, advertising, POS and brand activity
  • Guidelines and regulations that apply to current products/technologies

Disease & Molecular Insights

We examine hundreds of diseases to discover unmet needs in areas of diagnosis and treatment. Using our massive platform we're able to segment patient populations, find under-performing products, reveal real-world evidence on product usage, and determine how a disease / condition of interest is currently diagnosed, and whether it is economically effective.

Innovation Insight

From where will come the next great innovation? From tracking novel biomarkers and treatments, technological enhancements, and clinical trial results, we provide clients with a unique perspective on biomedical innovation. Particular focus includes:

  • Exhaustive review of current literature (articles, trials)
  • Review and analysis of new innovations
  • Evidence of product/economic value in published literature
  • Patent filings, publications and conference proceedings

The Platform

We use proven and scalable software to aggregate millions of unrelated information sources, and index, clean, store, and present data.

Advanced mathematics and machine learning algorithms rank and segment information, as well as evaluate documents and data in conjunction with a proprietary, hand-curated, controlled vocabulary of millions of specific biomedical terms.



Through our unique 3084337426, users can freely browse our database containing millions of documents. Perfect for users who require daily updates of information aggregated into one source


Our dashboard provides specific data insights, with simple visualization tools, allowing users to deploy market, competitive and product monitoring tools, all through a simple SaaS web module.


Our platform provides a highly integrated search function across tens of millions of documents. A free version of our search engine is part of the 360BIO portal, and we also provide custom integrations for large and small enterprises.


A powerful API enables full access to our platform to fuel stand-alone research or de novo applications, with workflows that easily integrate user data with our custom algorithms.


As no two problems are the same, much of our work involves custom research for clients. We employ stringent research methods backed by world-class data analytics.


When key decisions are made, positions are taken, or a product is launched, our analytics services help to inform insightful white papers that speak to key stakeholders.


Sometimes a connected web browser is not sufficient for users to digest market data. In 2017 we will begin to publish precise coverage of several key market segments.


Dublin, Ireland
Atlanta, USA
Paris, France