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We're all adults.


Billy saw that Naresh was upset.


I wish I could stop thinking about Horst.

What usually causes the pain?

Dan smoked marijuana with Linda.

Last night, I fell into a panic.

I wish I had never come here.

Clay did not agree with all of Adams's policies.

Nicolette is talking to a customer right now.


Lewis is coming over to watch a movie.

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Tell me what you did to Shounan.


"He looks like your father." "What?"

He has a hatred for his father.

All members need to observe these rules.


During summers, I used to go to Miami.

If by any chance it rains tomorrow, they will not go.

One who doesn't take risks will not win.

It's the coldest region in the country.

When I woke up this morning, the rain had turned into snow.

The company is 51% owned by American capital.

I am in a spot.

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There is a shared language.


I'll come at five to pick you up at your place.

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I'm just being myself.

We used to swim in this lake.

She shed tears.


Now, what do you want me to do?

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He's a big liar.


That's what worrying me.


All right. Please order it.


They can't assist you if you don't have your receipt.

Julie is like me.

She was sobbing.


I'm quitting my current job as of the end of the month.


Would you like a dog?

Our fighters averaged 430 missions a day.

Dan parked the rental car near the police station.

Rodger said he'll pick you up from practice tomorrow.

Shannon asked Scot to lock the door.


I will meet him some other time.

Subra isn't lonely now.

The Representative Director supervises Directors' performance of duties.

I'm trying to help her.

You must learn from your own mistakes.

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If you are busy, I will help you.


Ralf will not want to be disturbed.

You'd be amazed how many apples you can buy for two hundred dollars.

We've got three minutes.

Are you telling me you don't remember where you parked your car?

I don't remember when the last time I saw her smile was.

There were more than fifty girls at the party.

Victor has already achieved a lot.

If you can, remember to be good even to strangers; it is more useful than a kingdom to obtain friends well-earned.

Hey, everybody, listen up.

I have never seen him.

We lived in Osaka for ten years before we came to Tokyo.


His family emigrated from their mother country to Brazil forty years ago.

I appreciate your efforts.

The professor always teaches in jeans and a shirt.

He is very honest.

What the church can't prohibit it blesses.

Little does he realize how important this meeting is.

Customs will ask for a receipt.


Do you know who lives in that house?


Starbuck is getting ready to leave.

Francois got a flu shot.

Of course this is also possible.


I heard Liber's side of the story.

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Please show me your injured arm.


I'm so glad you could make it.


Where's Rajesh's umbrella?

Are you sure that's necessary?

It's not going to happen to Sriram.


You're very original.

I blush for you.

Barbara is wise enough not to do such a thing.

The gun isn't loaded.

I forgot my wife's birthday.

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Scot got up early in order to catch the first train.

Mariou likes to play rough.

Jerald decorated it.


Mat only drinks that brand of beer.

We're missing something here.

Lila cleaned his glasses.

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This is your handbag.

Could you fill it up and take a look at the oil, too?

The waistband has lost its elasticity and now it's all crumbly and itchy.

What time did you go to sleep yesterday?

Do you have any Japanese magazines?

Don't talk about it anymore.

Swimming is good for your health.

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Would you mind repeating that, please?

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Give me five days.

You're not backing out now, are you?

I was sleeping when Milo got here.

Do you want to have more children?

We hardly ever see each other anymore. We might as well be strangers.

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Once you've got into a bad habit, it can be difficult to get out of it.


Please show me another camera.

Will we see each other earlier?

And if I was homosexual, would that be a sin?

Since you did the cooking, I'll do the dishes.

Are there beautiful women here?

Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.

We decorated the Christmas tree with lights.

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I don't think that happened.


I live on the outskirts of Tokyo.

I had to do it by myself.

Would you have liked the dress if it had been a darker color?


I may die tomorrow.

Here is Tatoeba.

My elder sister is afraid of all doctors.

I paid in advance.

All the parking lots were full.

Did you say anything to them?

I don't know what this is about.


Sabrina writes romance novels.

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Do you want to be near him?

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It took Cindy a long time to find Raman.

He gave me a postcard.

We should be with you.


I need men like you.

Nothing happened to them.

I haven't had a drink in months.


This is a house of crazies!

Bobby got a little red.

I'm sure you despise me.


What are you doing here anyway?


I try to sleep well.

I hope we find them.

I'll have her call you when she gets back.

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I will do what I can for you.

I hope they work it out.

You're a renegade.

Pandas spend at least 12 hours each day eating bamboo.

He was beside himself with joy.


If John had come, I wouldn't have had to come.

Ramadoss never stopped looking for Olaf.

I think that Delbert is crazy.

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A truck hit the dog.


I've got a big cock!

On the 2nd of September 1792 when the general massacre of the prisoners took place at Paris, M. Sombreuil was on the point of being sacrificed when he was rescued from the hands of the assassins by the heroic conduct of his daughter, though on the dreadful condition that she would drink success to the republic in a goblet of blood!

"Take all the land you want", said the Aborigine chief. "Oh no," said the English general, "we will take just an island." "And which island?" asked the Aborigene chief. "Just the island of Australia," replied the English general.

I'll make sure Suu finds out.

How far along am I?


The meeting was going off without a hitch until he threw a wet blanket on it by making silly remarks.

Why don't you go to a bank?

How far are we from the border?

The tower occupied a prominent spot on the ridge.

Andrew isn't still asleep, is he?