I have a stone in my shoe.

And so it seems she tried phoning but it's who was on the other end of that phone that was the problem.


He kicks me.



Thanks for waiting so long.

Whose friend are you?

Although she looks like an Asian girl, Marika is not a Saami. She says that she's just Finnish.

There was a watermill under the dam.

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You're wearing my shoes.

Kitty isn't very hardworking.

Clayton worked in Boston.


How often does it rain in Boston?


I'll do the dishes.

I advise you not to go.

Give us some time.


I could see the rippling waves on my right.

Karl is in need of medical attention right away.

Do you like women?

I'm afraid you're wasting your time.

Maarten didn't have to let me go.

Sal is going to put his house up for sale.

Vidhyanath just shrugged.

It's not easy to thread a needle.

Give me some more light.

Brandon spent all his money on a car just to impress girls.

He endeavored to win the contest.

She only listens to indie music.

Would you look after my cat?

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You can't wear those clothes to work.

I hope you've learned your lesson.

That's a wrap.

Take it easy!

Chewing gum is banned in this school.

The parliamentary session was canceled.

I don't have long.


Tony now lives in the Cayman Islands.

You need to look at the big picture here.

If I read this book once more, I shall have read it three times.


We didn't receive any notification of his having been fired.

I think that she's hiding something.

The thief disguised himself as an old lady.

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I'm ready to go if you are.

Please make yourself comfortable.

We'll get married in October.

I enjoyed your company.

Promise me that you'll think about my suggestion.

He has pains in his side.

Take this seat, please.

They had poor crops year after year.

The politician apologized for his recent Facebook posts about gays and black people.

From a very young age, Jorge Luis Borges had serious problems with his vision.

Tuan is going to stop by today.


Does anybody know about this?


She suggested that the customer buy a blue tie.

I think you've learned a valuable lesson.

It is no use reasoning with a child.

There was a touch of irony in his speech.

What are you in the mood for?

My brothers will be greatly loved by our citizens because of their erudition and modesty.

Pass me the salt cellar!


You're not going to like what I'm about to say.

Believe in yourself.

What does he really believe?

Sharp's the word!

Vic saw Evan sitting alone at her desk.


This is one of the reasons why the Tatoeba Project asks members not to adopt orphan sentences in languages other than their own native language.

By the way, I saw him yesterday.

I'm gonna leave her a tip.


You may evaluate the software before the trial period expires in 30 days.


Nothing would please him but I must do it myself.

I don't need to see you now.

How did you know we were married?


Blake refused to go to the hospital.

Rayan is too busy to help.

I'm getting tired of you.

He reached his goal.

Customers haven't complained.

He did not hesitate in taking his share of the money.

John writes a letter to his parents once a month.

Rich people have a tendency to look down on the less fortunate.

Too much is too much!

Dana's arm is in a sling.

Bryce pulled three bills out of his wallet.


Deb pressed the button and waited.


Spencer wasn't able to answer Casey's question.


I think we have a problem.


They're alive.


Bret didn't disappoint us.


Walter said you wanted water.


He is a creative, intelligent and thoughtful individual.

One thing I've always wanted to do is learn to fly an airplane.

The Statue of Liberty is located in New York.

We've got to get you to a hospital.

Ssi has a full beard.

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I'd never suggest that.

This glue does not adhere to plastic.

It's too small.

I want to get my mind off work.

You'll get pneumonia.


With a mild, bright night like today, I always feel like going for a stroll at midnight.

I hope that you will be my friends.

My room key, please.

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Sjaak has been fired from every job he's ever had.


This river flows quickly.

I wonder why Ssi got so jealous.

I talked a long time, and I managed to make her believe me.

Are you hurt?

Tell him either to call on me or to ring me up.


Have you ever known them to come on time?

I think it's a good plan.

She can't have written it herself.

Keep this lesson in mind.

He is older and wiser now.


Marsh doesn't quite believe Loyd.

Is there something you haven't told us?

I told him I was OK.

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Beauty is beautiful in itself.

Have you ever sung before an audience?

A person named Jones has come to see you.

I need a new pair of sneakers.

Pim owns a large piece of property.

His is a strange name.

It is clear that he failed for lack of prudence.

Being cut from the team doesn't mean that you have no talent.

Nigel didn't deny it.

The broccoli is either costly or of poor quality.

Please come visit us more often.

Rudolph threw Dorothy's phone into the pool.

Did you have a chance to apologize to Cole?

Are they sisters?

I was invited to Sachiko's party.

Marriage is a lottery.

Our garden was full of weeds.


They won't be able to do anything about that problem today.


Deborah is a formidable opponent.

You do not have to buy new furniture. With a little polishing and painting, old furniture can get a new life.

I'm a Japanese student.

Microwaves penetrate the food in the oven.

She told me such stories as were useful.

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I may be able to find Naresh.

You have to pay taxes.

I should be glad if you got the job.

Nikolai turns 30 three days before Christmas.

I am really aggressively looking for a boyfriend

Forbidden fruit tastes sweetest.

I looked at his face carefully.

During the morning I feel very lazy, I don't want to do anything.

Every rose has its thorns.

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Why is change so hard?

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Would you trust them?


I'm pretty good at first aid.

I'll rip your head off!

I do not like tea, so I generally drink coffee for breakfast.

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I still haven't finished my chocolate mousse.

Craig finally mustered up the courage to tell Vick the truth.

I asked him to wait here.

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It's not that big of a deal if Darci doesn't like me all that much.

Kelvin is one of our best workers.

They're crazy about each other.


It could've been us.