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Can I tell them you'll be visiting?

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She's probably very busy.

There is not an answer for your question.

I have a lot of problems at the moment.


The women of the group are different from each other.

In the summer, it's very humid.

Kory definitely needs to take a break.


What do you say to my plan?


I'm as shocked as you are.

Suddenly, Sedovic grabbed his chest in pain.

Bob thought deeply about that matter.

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Let me show you around this afternoon.


Let's go, Harris.

Don't hate yourself.

Put it on ice.

Marcos had decided at an early age that he wanted to become a botanist.

I just don't agree with Nici.

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Theo made a promise to Kit that he would never leave her.

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So tell me, how did you guys meet?


Bjorne knows those rules.


The road is dusty. It cannot have rained yesterday.


Jayesh looked around the dark room with a flashlight.


That stove smokes too much.


Please don't ask me to do this.

What do you think he meant by that?

Excuse me, but I believe that's my seat.

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Do you want money?

"Want a beer?" "Beer? No thank you; I don't touch the stuff."

I need you to look into something for me.

I want to hear the rest of the story.

I know how to deal with it.


Gordon is the oldest person here, no question about it.

Clarissa is digging his own grave.

The stoat is the cutest animal ever.

He pouted with dissatisfaction.

It would be preferable for you to surrender.

I should've studied more when I was young.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she heard the good news.

Listen up, everybody!

That looks like him.

Please lend me the dictionary when you are through with it.

All my neighbors are very friendly.

There's absolutely no risk.

Many scientists work with numbers.

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It is a very pragmatic culture.

How are we going to repair this?

Carl fought in Vietnam.

This book hasn't received the attention it deserves.

Look for a sign with a big "one" on it.

He holds only vague opinions about politics.

Tell me that was a joke!

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Hanako likes cake a lot.

Curt wanted to see me right away.

There's food on the table.

It's a pleasant day for a picnic.

"What time is it?" he wondered.

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They're doing it to me out of spite.

I was happy there.

"Sonja broke up with Alastair." "Is that a bad thing?"

Alfred promised to meet Mosur at the usual time and the usual place.

There's a full moon today.

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Your moon is returning.

Can you update our software?

Tell them I'm coming back.

British troops held that area.

I have no money to buy this dictionary.

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I need you to find him.

I've had some concerns.

Pure talk.

His debt amounted to a considerable sum.

I'm taking a semester off.

She had two children by him.

That was a beautiful speech.


I wondered why Mick didn't have a girlfriend.

Thanks for the reminder.

We have to set off at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

We wanted the same thing you wanted.

You must have nothing to do with the man.

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I want to play on the computer.

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I like a pen with a fine point.


I spoke with them.

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I don't believe what Deborah says.

What Herbert said wasn't exactly a compliment.

Blayne told Marie to stay out of his room.

Every country has its own history.

I'm average-looking.

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Does your family background involve Chinese medicine?


Did you ask Tammy why he did this?

I can't find the broom.

She was very busy preparing dinner for her guests.


Call me once you've arrived.

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The prime minister paid a formal visit to the White House.

I just bought some cardboard.

I must've eaten something bad.

She's not as innocent as she seems.

I sent a message to them.

Do you think Elliott would mind if I came with you guys?

Do you often drive your car to work?

I want to do more.

That's their plan.


We'll stay here until the next contest.


He stumbled but quickly got up on his feet again.

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Okay, Ramsey, you can open your eyes now!


It happened on Halloween night.

Get him over here right away.

I've got to stop Syd.

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I share his political perspective.

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Why is Milner hiding from Brooke?

The children slid down the bank.

I was surprised at how expensive the shoes were.

When did you make this decision?

Our first class is math.

That book is written in English.

As soon as you have the car fixed, please send me a letter with the cost. I'll send you the money.

We don't know what it was.

Suddenly the ground seemed to disappear from beneath my feet.

She is taller than me.

None were listening to the speaker.

She wears flamboyant clothes to draw attention.

Drink your tea, Dorian.


I have just returned from Britain.

They have already begun.

Carter opened the door a crack to let in some fresh air.

We have two girls and one boy.

This knife is razor sharp.

We can't risk them detecting our presence.

Can we speed it up?

I take that back.

How did you get to Boston?

A lot of people saw you at the scene of the accident.

Go there now.

He's quite authoritative.

How did you get our address?


This is a house to let, not to be sold.

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Stu and Rabin seem to be having a very serious conversation.


You don't need to do that right away.

Rahul refused to shake hands with me.

I think Neil is insensitive.

I'm parked around back.

The third movement affectionately parodies village musicians and their playing.


It's now time for you to go home.


The old man got off the bus.

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That might be a little difficult.


That was double-dutch to me.


Refer to the serial number whenever you call for technical assistance.

They were scared at the sight of the ghost.

Come to my office at the end of this month.

"Why were you holding his hand?" "I wasn't holding his hand!"

I come from Holland.

It seems to me it will not rain today.

I arrived on the night he left.

I'm trying to rid myself of this bad habit.

Ravindranath and Piercarlo often help each other.

Dan was a very caring father.

I became a champion.