The police found nothing to link Dan to the robbery.

Inventors and geniuses have almost always been looked on as no better than fools at the beginning of their career, and very frequently at the end of it also.

He has been tamed by his wife.

She stopped crying altogether.

We've been in dangerous situations before.

Lord saw many familiar faces.

It didn't happen that way.

What key is this song in?


I can speak Chinese, but I can't read Chinese.


I got a good one.

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I owe you five dollars.

The headlight doesn't work.

We could talk about him.


I'll call her for you.

I was just saying the very same thing to John.

The earth is far bigger than the moon.

We didn't exactly hit it off.

This museum is one of the world's largest art museums.

Does the meat look under-cooked?

I was up all night.

I had already eaten before I arrived at the party.

I allowed Neal to go home.

Welcome princess. It's an honor to have you with us again.

That's not an issue.

What are the forms of "to be"?

Help me to understand.

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She assured him that everything was OK.

Why are you angry with them?

Everyone believed in you.


Does anyone know how to pronounce this character?


My boss is so stupid!

She has invited me to attend her wedding.

Arlene can't do anything about it.

Looks like another nice day.

She called him a liar.

Pim bolted the door.

She excused herself to go to the restroom.

She is about my age.

Does Merton know where Frank is?

Do all that is necessary.

Would you like to join us?

How do you expect me to pay this?

I live next to her.

I finally managed to find my lost wallet.

I've got everything I need right here.

The girl is trying to ride on just one wheel. Her small vehicle is called a unicycle.

I don't know the meaning of the English word "gerund".


It might be Page.

He ate only bread and cakes.

Bob would like to know whether you would like to come to his party.

Martyn and Syd are devout Catholics.

What kind of questions do you plan to ask?

First it thundered, and then it started to rain.

He wanted to be woken up early by his wife.


After Jorge and Ernest read a few verses from their religious text, they remained noncommittal, but when Patricia happened to mention that he had learned a lot from his grandparents about their early life, the missionaries could scarcely contain their excitement.

Neither he nor I speak Spanish.

I didn't know you were unhappy here.

There is a garden behind my house.

Hand me the glue and the scissors in that box, please.


He's older than me.


OK. Go ahead.

Have you ever been to Switzerland?

She has some faults, but I love her all the more because of them.

He went no farther than the gate.

I have to file a report.

France is separated from Spain by the Pyrenees.

It's more trouble than it's worth.

We'll have so much fun.

Sinicization is a process that is deeply rooted in the cultural dynamics of China.

He will run for the next year's election.

I could scarcely believe it.

Facebook suspended one of my six accounts.

He loves me. But I do not love him.

I will act on your advice.

No one is working. Everyone's watching the World Cup.

She works very hard.

Sonny lived in Australia.

I don't want you to say anything that isn't true.

Do you want any of these books?

Why don't you want to go?

His hand was trembling as he picked up his pen to sign.

The auto industry is hiring again.

I've got some bad news.


If time is not real, then the dividing line between this world and eternity, between suffering and bliss, between good and evil, is also an illusion.

What's your opinion with regard to this matter?

Fire will burn you if you touch it.

I only just met her.

I hope this letter interests you and look forward to your reply.

The disagreement with him and with his strategy are at the heart of the matter.

She lives alone in the room.

This morning I had a pain in my left eye, but it is less painful now.

Michelle must be on cloud nine.


We don't get along.

I didn't mean to get too personal.

The police got to the scene of the accident.

I don't want to argue with you about this.

Sassan said he tried to kiss Spencer.

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The meaning of this sentence is ambiguous.


Most of the revellers are tourists.

Does it hurt?

I don't know how to play bridge.

Who gave him all that money?

I heard that Herman kissed Lukas.

Distinguishing Truth from everything else is a theme filling many pages in the history of philosophy.

Phooey. I'm late again.


What happened to the generator?


Do you know the right words?


That must've been hard.


What Beth did took guts.

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This is my favourite project.

Stanislaw said he was planning to hitchhike to Boston.

Thank you for calling me on time.

Simon has a face that people immediately trust.

What do you say to having a coffee break?

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I really didn't see it coming.

Saiid was very well behaved.

The earthquake destroyed everything.

Would you leave us alone, please?

When you go to the beach you see the immensity of the universe contained in the ocean.

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I left it on the table.

This day has been for shit.

He was called back from his trip.

The burglar is used to staying up late.

Saad has enough on his mind without worrying about me.

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I didn't understand your joke.


We were eighteen at that time.

What were you even doing there?

Jos is sympathetic, isn't he?

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I came to you because I need your help.

He is absorbed in the study of the Fuzzy Theory.

I got hammered last night.


Your effort will surely bear fruit.


Problem solved!

A TV set of this size will take little space.

My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military.

Sridhar is extremely violent.

I want to dedicate all my time to this project.

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I hope it's not her.

Let the buyer beware.

Look, are you going to help or not?

How many times do I have to apologize?

Kathryn couldn't help looking at Jinchao.


Suyog isn't at all upset.

It's fantastic.

Andre is here because of me.

I didn't sleep well last night.

Willie felt a pain in his side.

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All the flowers in the garden died for lack of water.

I did everything I could.

She was very happy with my gift.


It's colder in Dallas than it is here! What is this world coming to?

The sky was all covered with clouds.

Let's play handball.

Long live the Emperor!

I'm going on a business trip.

I'm accustomed to this.

You have my respect.

Michel is preparing dinner in the kitchen.

At one time, people would not have hesitated to light up a cigarette in stations, restaurants, or hospital waiting rooms.

He sent his son out to get the newspaper.

They had to climb a wall six feet high.


Even if it takes you three years, you must accomplish your goal.

I hope Spudboy will like what you made for him.

Have you met Merton yet?

Are you sure you're supposed to be here?

What a fool he is to leave school.

I'm not so sure it's what I want to do.

All that effort - and nothing to show for it. How very depressing.