• A system that lets you connect tirelessly & wirelessly
  • Present it with your tablet, iOs or Android devices instantly to a screen
  • No wires, messy configurations or drivers needed
  • Multiple users can present from just a sensor touch

Collaboration Made Simple

The power of BYOD – “bring your own device” in to the classroom or conference room has dramatically impacted millions over the world when it comes to learning collaboratively and sharing their own devices, whether it’s a tablet or a laptop during meetings. Our EZJoinPro enables users to engage in the same way as the BYOD philosophy creating a wireless medium to easily collaborate and share all your content using one display.

Just Tap Away & Show


EZJoinPro system includes two USB based dongles which connects to any USB based PC or laptops for instant tap and sharing. Mac & Windows laptop users simply connect via the EZJoin Pro Dongle to a USB port of their device. With a short touch on the sensor button your live laptop content is mirrored to the main display device. Users of Apple or Android mobile devices can download the free app to share their content – or use the built-in Airplay function instead (for iOS devices only).