I'm fed up with Jean-Pierre's silly antics.

In general, women tend to live ten years longer than men.

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We are coming.


How could you do this to him?

Wendell is our oldest member.

I found it impossible to get in contact with him.

I don't think I have much longer to live.

The wine left a permanent stain on the carpet.


You would never do that.

What nonsense!

That's a depressing story.


You can always text her.

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I couldn't see through his lies.

I'm very unhappy about this.

Isn't anyone going to thank me?


It's getting hot here in Boston.

Would you put it on the table, please?

That says it all.

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I have to get her out of here.

You're living in the past.

We're all looking forward to seeing you.

Lukas just left.

She is quite a clever girl.

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It's homemade.

Maybe it was them.

Music was my first love and it will be my last!

Just be patient with Pria. I'm sure he'll eventually make the right decision.

To my knowledge, I've never seen Dan.

I drank a lot of beer.

Your conduct is absolutely shameful.

What's the real reason you don't want to do that?

How many sandwiches are there left?

My boss invited me to dinner.

I ought to have attended the lecture but I didn't.


Kevin wants to pay later.


I have a tortoiseshell cat. She is so affectionate!

Not knowing what to do, we telephoned the police.

Don't tell me who I like.

Bookmark this site.

That's nice to hear.

I don't know what Lum knows, but Amanda knows what I know.

The jurors came into the courtroom


You are old enough to know better than to act like that.


He regretted that he could not read the more academic logograms in the advanced book that he found trashed at the university.

They sat still as if they were charmed by the music.

How many games do you have in your collection?


I've never seen Christofer act like that.

She can't do without milk.

Father will never approve of my marriage.

You had better give up smoking at once.

Ta-dah! Well then, Haruta, it's OK to look now! It's everybody's yukata debut.

The weather was balmy.

The exhibition will be open for a month.


I found him working in the garden.

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They get a great deal of snow in Hokkaido.


Yay, I went to the store!

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She used a fake identification card to get into the bar.

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There can be no friendship without trust.


Answer my letter or I will not write to you anymore.


How about starting again from the very beginning?

After the meeting was over, everyone said goodbye and returned to the mystery of their private lives.

They don't seem to approve of the plan.

Will you be ready to leave tomorrow?

Marco can't handle this alone.


The tap is running.

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Last Saturday, our kids played in the park near the lake.

I know you probably don't want to hear this.

It is necessary that they see a doctor.

Brender is a nutty old bat.

Annie totally deceived us.

That is all right.

In the U.S., it is common for people to write a check instead of paying cash.


It's not something you forget.

Languages change over time.

The cow cast a calf.

He smoked cigarettes passionately.

Barbra forgot to turn off the gas.


The magazine declares a new king of hipster "music" every two weeks.


All of them except one have citizenship.


The path is the goal.


Let's meet at 6:30.


Canned food doesn't interest her.

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Don't you feel honored?

The two roads join here.

I lived in Boston last year.

There are countless heavenly bodies in space.

I try to keep a low profile.


He is a man of individual humor.


Moreover, they underscored the need for providing policy relevant ready-to-use scientific results and methodology.


Let Jackye do whatever he wants to do.

By and by you will forget the painful experience.

Oscar says he's never owned a car.

Hubert admitted he couldn't speak French.

Are you enjoying the evening?

You look like an idiot.

Caroline and Clem were sitting next to each other on the couch.

I told you not to walk.

Andries doesn't think he can make the deadline.

List tried on the shirt.

He worked hard in order to support his family.


I learned to cook from Tracy.

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Show me.


I played violin when I was young.

He looks like his father.

James finally fessed up to stealing money from the tip jar.

When did you realize something was wrong?

I walked about 1 mile.

Did the concert go well?

To him, lying is a second nature.


Petr has acquired a serious opponent - John.

Carol has been waiting for a long time.

I expected Randal to do more.


My father loves pizza.

What's bothering you today?

It is you who are to blame for the failure.


Your view of existence is different from mine.

Let's do this now.

I'd like to keep it that way.

Hubert is the only one who can clear this up.

She finished the wolf off.

I'm afraid to go into closed spaces.

Josh spent many hours using the language website, tatoeba.org, to improve his English.

Duke's covering something with his right hand.

You're pretty cool.

She's probably wrong.

Bonnie yelled loud enough for everyone to hear.

Don't you have anything to do?

It's him, isn't it?


I had the waiter bring us some coffee.

We must all go and find Win.

Tell Takeuchi that I don't know how to do what he's asked me to do.

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The girl can't have done such a thing.

I don't think Tareq is particularly handsome.

How soon can you be here?


Do you feel too warm?

That sounded good.

It's refreshing.

I wanted to buy the huge stuffed bear at Ken's store, but it was not for sale.

You have arrived at the bottom.

Traditionally on April 1st, people pull pranks on each other.

Great weather, isn't it?

Shatter seldom comes to see me.

You lied to me!


If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

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Can you believe them?

I thought I knew you.

The United States bombed civilians in Japan with nuclear weapons. Nowadays, some US officials consider the idea of doing it again in other countries. They are just trying to find a justification for that.

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So difficult was the question that no one could answer.

68.4% of Belarusians surveyed answered they would under no conditions choose a version of a book in the Belarusian language.

Hiroyuki is pretty cool, isn't he?

I've never liked that.

They would pretend to hate her.

He believed her assertion to be simply impossible and assented to the proposal.

Craig is a very angry boy.


What would you do in a situation like this, Byron?