Lottery Curse Victims: People Who Won Big & Lost Everything

Numerous individuals figure winning the lottery would be the solution to their supplications and the answer for the entirety of their issues — yet a few victors have had the contrary experience. Regardless of being sufficiently fortunate to win the lottery, they later wished they’d destroyed their ticket as opposed to reclaiming it.

It might appear to be inconceivable that you could win a large number of dollars and wish you hadn’t. Yet, it’s happened frequently enough that the marvel has been named the “lottery revile.”

Try not to trust it? Here are seven survivors of the lottery revile — individuals whose “fortunate” win went bad, prompting separation, insolvency, or even demise.

These accounts are wake up calls, however there are a lot of bonanza champs who have proceeded to effectively utilize their cash for themselves and their networks. Peruse as far as possible for tips on the most proficient method to deal with a big stake mindfully and make the most of your rewards.

Jack Whittaker: “Since I Won the Lottery, There’s No Control for Greed”

In contrast to numerous champs, Andrew “Jack” Whittaker was at that point well off when he won the biggest bonanza at any point granted to a solitary Powerball ticket on Christmas morning in 2002. He picked a singular amount installment rather than an annuity, so he brought home $113-approximately million from his $314.9 lottery ticket.

He added that to the cash that he’d earned himself, stirring his way up from neediness to the proprietor of a West Virginia contracting organization. At the point when he purchased the ticket, his organization was doing about $15 million per year in contracts.

Notwithstanding, Jack Whittaker discovered his lottery rewards transformed him more than the riches he’d earned himself did.

Jack Whittaker did a great deal of good with the cash he won, setting up a magnanimous establishment, giving cash to fabricate chapels in West Virginia, and in any event, giving the lady who sold him the triumphant ticket another house, another vehicle, and a heap of money.

By the by, the lottery revile hit him.

Not all states let victors remain mysterious, and Jack Whittaker’s success was generally advertised. He was deluged with individuals requesting cash and favors.

He built up a propensity for leaving a lot of cash in his vehicle, which turned out to be generally known. One night, when he was visiting a strip club, somebody took about a large portion of a million dollars out of his vehicle. Afterward, in a different occurrence, $100,000 was taken from another vehicle.

Besides, his organization was hit with pointless claims from individuals who needed to gain admittance to profound pockets, costing him millions in lawful expenses.

Under the strain, Whittaker began to unwind. He began drinking hard and getting into battles. He’d get handsy with ladies and offer them cash to lay down with him or remove their garments for him.1

Yet, that’s, by a wide margin, not the most noticeably terrible of it.

He delighted in ruining his granddaughter, Brandi. He gave her a colossal remittance and four vehicles, yet his liberality reverse discharges when her riches pulled in an awful group.

A beau of Brandi’s kicked the bucket of an overdose in a house Whittaker was creating, and Brandi was embroiled. Companions wouldn’t let her go to the burial service.

After a year, Brandi was discovered dead under dubious conditions, however the case was rarely understood.

The passings had annihilating ramifications for his family. His little girl, Brandi’s mom, was discovered dead seven years after the bonanza was won. Whittaker’s better half separated from him.

Whittaker lost his loved ones and the cash that he won.

“Since I won the lottery, I think there is no control for eagerness,” Jack Whittaker said. “I think in the event that you have something, there’s consistently another person that needs it. I wish I’d destroyed that ticket.”

You can peruse increasingly about Jack Whittaker’s story here: Powerball Winner Says He’s Cursed.

Curtis Sharp, Lottery’s $5 Million Man

At the point when Curtis Sharp, Jr. won a $5 million bonanza in 1982, he was a fantasy worked out for the lottery’s advertising office. The lottery was confronting a picture issue, and Curtis Sharp, Jr. was only the individual they expected to get the message out that regular individuals could turn their lives around by purchasing a ticket.

Curtis Sharp, Jr., who had been a dishwasher before he became quite wealthy, got known as the “5,000,000 Dollar Man”.

With his overwhelming character, his particular bowler cap, and the manner in which he wanted to streak his recently won cash around, he was a mobile notice for the lottery. Gatherings, ladies, new houses, gaudy vehicles… he lived huge and got one of the lottery’s most popular victors as a result of it.

Lamentably, Curtis Sharp, Jr’s. way of life wasn’t maintainable. He was spending more than his large yearly checks secured, and his gathering hard demeanor was wearing on him. The lottery revile had hit.

The year after he won the lottery, he left his better half for a sweetheart and had a tremendous wedding. After five years, his subsequent spouse had separated from him, as well. He was drinking hard, to where he’d drop outside of his new sweetheart’s home. What’s more, the cash had run out. He needed to obtain cash from his first spouse.

Fortunately, his story has an upbeat closure. After an alcoholic driving episode, Curtis Sharp, Jr. discovered God. He quit drinking, quit celebrating, got it together, and turned into a priest.

Be that as it may, he despite everything purchases lottery tickets.

You can peruse progressively about Curtis Sharp, Jr. in Matthew Sweeney’s book, “The Lottery Wars” or online here: Country’s Most Famous Lottery Winner Is Now Living Off His Pension, Social Security Checks.

William Post III: “No one Realizes the Nightmares”

In the event that you had under $3 in your financial balance, okay purchase a lottery ticket? Perhaps not, yet William Post, III, referred to his companions as Bud, went above and beyond than that. He pawned one of his couple of assets for $40, at that point spent the whole sum on lottery tickets.

Silly or not, his bet paid off. One of those tickets won him $16.2 million from the Pennsylvania lottery.

You may think the man who had been minimal in excess of a wanderer would have a simple life from the second he won on. In any case, the reality of the situation was that subsequent to trading in for cold hard currency his success, Post’s life got ugly.

“Everyone fantasies about winning cash, yet no one understands the bad dreams that turn up unexpectedly, or the issues,” he said.

How could that occur?

Post went through his cash uncontrollably. Most of the primary yearly portion of his rewards, which added up to over $400,000, was spent in the initial fourteen days. Following a year, he was a large portion of a million dollars in the red.

His better half sued him, asserting they had consented to share the cash on the off chance that he won. At the point when she won her court guarantee, he was unable to pay, so his lottery payouts were solidified.

He needed to bow out of all financial obligations, and he just figured out how to clutch about $2.6 million, which he promptly spent.

He was captured for ambush subsequent to shooting a shotgun at a man who was bothering him for cash.

Much more dreadful, his sibling employed an assassin to slaughter him and his better half with the goal that he would acquire the cash (he was on spouse number six by then).

After thirteen years, this lottery revile casualty kicked the bucket alone and poverty stricken, living off of government assistance installments.

You can peruse the entire story here: William ‘Bud’ Post III; Unhappy Lottery Winner.

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