The Time Is Running Out! Think About These Ways To Change Your Online Poker

The obvious answer is a fold , especially if your pot odds aren’t fantastic. It is also right to take the time and think over all the cards on the table and the opponent’s actions on the previous streets to assess whether he is bluffing or trying to get it.


If you see an overbet on the river in a 먹튀검증업체 in which you yourself do not participate, then carefully observe and analyze. Few players can use this technique for different purposes, so you will have additional information about the style of this player.

Pot control is a poker game tactic that is used not to overclock the bank to large amounts, both in poker tournaments and in cash. This can be done, for example, by checking preflop with a good hand without a position, or by checking at least one street postflop from a position .

The bank’s control appeared as a response to the constant aggression in modern online poker , and as a continuation of the trend of “low-stakes poker”. Earlier, cont-bet was incredibly popular, and counter-methods were developed, among which pot-control can be called.

Pot control cannot be called an aggressive technique, so you do not need to defend against it. The question is rather how to profitably play a good hand out of position. The best option would be to force the opponent to make a major mistake.


Donk bet is a preflop raiser out of position position made on the flop . This is the opposite of the check-raiser tactic.This trick came to online poker from live tournaments. This was also influenced by a book by Gus Hansen, in which he described all the key distributions that led him to victory in the Main Event of Aussie Millions 2007.

Then Gus said: “I have a second pair and a backdoor flush draw – well, that’s enough for me to bet! ”The second reason for the popularity of donk beta is also the aggression factor in online poker.

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