The Time Is Running Out! Think About These Ways To Change Your Online Poker

Many connoisseurs of online poker are attracted by the prospect of tracking their own hands. That is, the owner of the Poker Tracker program gives you the opportunity to view past competitions and evaluate your own line of behavior during the tournament. Using PT4 Situs Judi Bola Resmi, you can even get acquainted with the statistics of collected sets of cards.

A clear advantage should be the ability to track the online statistics of rivals. This information is available directly during the tournament. Poker Tracker 4 provides an opportunity to review played hands by graphically reproducing a specific distribution of cards and the subsequent situation at the gambling table.

About the innovations in the Poker Tracker program

Program developers seek recognition among the avid connoisseurs of this contest. For this reason, Poker Tracker 4 does not stop improving and modernizing. The latest updates will surely please players who were familiar with the previous version, as well as those who just decided to try it out. So, an improved version attracts general interest:

  • new graphical interface;
  • accelerated transfer to the base of the hands;
  • redesigned Infobase, which now contains even more statistics and filters;
  • built-in HUD.

These benefits cannot be overestimated. They are essential for players who skillfully interact with this program and reap the desired results. Staying in more detail in the last paragraph, it should be said that it is HUD that makes the hand history analysis program popular and in demand.

And for those participants who are sorely lacking in-built HUDs, the program offers a new version – drag-n-drop HUD. New perspectives reduce the time spent building hands. The procedure, which previously took about a couple of hours, will now take about 30 minutes. That will be quite enough.

The prospect of creating a personal statistical pop-up is quick and easy. This option will certainly be appreciated by supporters of the analysis program with a bang.

In order to be able to install Poker Tracker 4, the player’s computer must meet certain requirements. For proper functioning of this analysis program on a PC, the Pentium 4 processor version is suitable, the RAM of the participant’s personal computer should be at least 1 GB. Windows 2000, Me, XP, Vista, and Seven are ideal, while PostgreSQL is version 8.2.x or higher.

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