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It consists of sheets that differ in rank, do not go sequentially at face value and have a different suit. Each experienced player will say that there are times when the highest card is played, but very rarely . Most pros probably have hands that were won with one ace or king, but none of them will convince other players that this often happens in their practice.


Two pairs poker hand: detailed description

Two pairs (from the English “Two pairs”) – a 먹튀검증 encountered poker combination, which includes only two pairs of cards. Each pair has two cards of equal value .

The fifth is optional and comes into play only in controversial moments. A popular example of two pairs: two kings and two tens, two fives and two deuces, and so on. When several players receive two pairs, the winner is the one whose cards are worthy higher than the opponents. The strongest in this case will be the owner of two aces.

If the cards are equal in rank, then the fifth (kicker) is evaluated. The one that is higher than others and brings the player a win. If the dispute has not been resolved, and the combination is completely equal, then according to the rules of poker the bank is split in half – this is the standard layout.

Chance of falling

This is one of the most frequently played combinations in poker. Of course, at the pre-flop stage it will be impossible to collect such a combination, since at this stage of the game the poker player has only starting hands, and at least 4 elements are required to make up two pairs. But then the situation is completely different :

Already at the flop stage, the poker player gets a chance to collect a card combination in the amount of 14% (16% for pairs of the same rank).

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